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Sunseeker 155 Design Commission

Holmes Interiors are delighted to have been awarded the commission for the interior design and finishes for the new Sunseeker 155 Yacht. Our client has ordered the first ever 155 with this exciting project now well into production and due to be launched in 2014. The 155 is the largest yacht to be built by Sunseeker and we are working closely with the team at Sunseeker to create a truly stunning yacht that befits the launch of this new class of yacht.

The 155 combines restrained glamour with an homage to Art Deco. Nevertheless, there is nothing vintage about the yacht, with state of the art technology and a galley to rival many commercial kitchens, but the interiors provide the glamour of that fabulous era.

To achieve this overall feel we are working closely with our specialist tradesmen to produce some exciting finishes and products that are not usually found on yachts but nonetheless work perfectly. We are, for example, producing bespoke panelling in glass, which not only resounds with a lustrous Art Deco feeling but also incorporates production technology from the 21st century. We have also commissioned some stunning new metallic finishes for furniture and wardrobes to add to the glamour but are water resistant and as such are extremely practical on a yacht.

Whilst the soft furnishings flow from Cabin to Saloon each Cabin and Stateroom has it’s own personality within the calm and measured design.

We enjoy working closely with yacht builders, as it is a graceful and detailed industry with years of tradition that compels us to consider all aspects of design and functionality whilst also carefully considering the detailed specification of products incorporated in the design.

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